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Pieta by Peter Eugene Ball at the Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Southwell Minster

River Cam


Transitus Mariae – The Crossing Over of Mary

Shine as a star and call me to the shore.

Chapelle Notre Dame de Bon Port, Saint-Valery-en-Caux
vitraux André-Louis Pierre

Answer in picture

“Mother Maria Gysi, one of the founders of the Monastery of the Assumption, Whitby, dreamed that she was a “a big, square, rough old house; there was no glass in the windows, all very poor. But a lamp burning night and day for anyone who would come for a night or longer into one of the rooms — not to me. I would hardly know who was there. . . I was just the house, a place of welcome and warmth and infinite compassion — being one with each inwardly, demanding nothing, teaching nothing — above all no judging or categories or piousity of any kind, but the light every night showing the way.”

“I think we must ask ourselves: do we work like that? And are we the sort of people that people would want to get to know?” Fr Erik laughs.”

From the CHURCH TIMES article by Madeleine Davies

Rising to the hour of the wolf.


Où serais-je sans mon père ?

Mon père est mort il y a 4 ans aujourd’hui, quelle est sa présence aux jours d’aujourd’hui ? Quels sont les fruits de cette relation père – fille ?
Elle forme un élément important de presque tout ce que je fais. Aux féministes qui en veulent aux hommes, je suis souvent tentée de dire « Où serais-je sans mon père ? »
Je le remercie de la confiance et du respect que j’éprouve pour les hommes, pour mes nombreux amis, pour la joie de voir mes fils grandir.

Moscow, 1979

Elspeth Owen Open Studio July 2019

Billet doux

Salt Greenland / Guérande

The salt from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is coloured with berries and herbs
The salt from Guerande is mixed with seaweed
Brittany is home to me and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is home to our friends Terto, Paninnguaq, Saamik, Abia, and their family. They sent it as a present made with berries and herbs collected far from inhabited regions. May it remind us how many ways there are to be the salt of the Earth… and to trust that we all find a recipe very much our own.

To Saamik, who left but not without reinforcing the ties of friendship. Rest in our Love


Farandole #cambridgeimprints