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Des lignes sur une page blanche

Good magic in that spell

Good magic in that spell

11 Novembre

Pour toît de PARIS et Kirkenes

Pour toît de PARIS, carte postale en zinc de Pascal Catry et une carte de Kirkenes réunies dans le gris de notre vaisellier.

Teach them to fly

5 cygnets and behind them a white swan took off low over the river and one by one landed.
The cygnets swam on towards Stourbridge leaving the swan behind.
What joy it must be for them and what joy it is for us!

La Serena

Teach these souls to fly

Vivez si m’en croyez

Pierre de Ronsard

Moving next door


The size will be 21 cm x 21 cm with a photo and a page with the days of the month.
The calendar will be in English but with both English and French holidays

The price will be £25 (about 30 euros) + Postage. Free postage on orders over £50