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What is your Alethiometer?

My Contax was poetically described by my son, as my “Alethiometer,” from the Greek words aletheia (truth) and ometer (measuring device). An alethiometer is the compass-like device made famous in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials.” This fictional device helps some holders find truthful answers to their questions.

These words from the French poet Paul Verlaine have been like a mantra for me: “Cache et montre au cœur qui s’étonne La vérité comme une étoile.” In English, it would read something like this: “Unto the astounded heart shows, Truth’s star now hidden, now revealed.”
That’s poetry. That’s photography.

Pen Bron

Meeting a man interested in others – Thanks, Tom Darin Liskey

I am very thankful to the LITERARY LIFE feature editor, Tom Darin Liskey for choosing to feature some of my work in the magazine.
I had read Tom Darin’s Posts on Facebook before we met in London. He is a excellent story teller, a writer who is not afraid to tell about all the feelings he has experienced in his busy and not always easy life. Relaxed and attentive, Tom Darin is excellent company and has the easiest contact with people, as you can see on one of the pictures I took on our street shoot in Bloomsbury last November.

A Bloomsbury map
photo Tom Darin Liskey

Follow this link to the article in which I tried to say something about my work and which includes a slideshow of some of my photos as well as a poem I wrote.

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Seeds sent to me… Thomas Merton

It is God’s love that speaks to me in the birds and streams; but also behind the clamor of the city God speaks to me in His judgments, and all these things are seeds sent to me from His will.

If they would take root in my liberty, and if His will would grow from my freedom, I would become the love that He is, and my harvest would be His glory and my own joy.

Thomas Merton,Seeds of Contemplation

Joie collective à Nantes -coupe du monde de football 2018

Air borne


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