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Salt Greenland / Guérande

The salt from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is coloured with berries and herbs
The salt from Guerande is mixed with seaweed
Brittany is home to me and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) is home to our friends Terto, Paninnguaq, Saamik, Abia, and their family. They sent it as a present made with berries and herbs collected far from inhabited regions. May it remind us how many ways there are to be the salt of the Earth… and to trust that we all find a recipe very much our own.

To Saamik, who left but not without reinforcing the ties of friendship. Rest in our Love


Farandole #cambridgeimprints

Remember us -22 July 2011 attack in Oslo and Utøya

Mary Magdalene – a sonnet for her day, 22 July

Mary Magdalene: A Sonnet

Men called you light so as to load you down,
And burden you with their own weight of sin,
A woman forced to cover and contain
Those seven devils sent by Everyman.
But one man set you free and took your part
One man knew and loved you to the core
The broken alabaster of your heart
Revealed to Him alone a hidden door,
Into a garden where the fountain sealed,
Could flow at last for him in healing tears,
Till, in another garden, he revealed
The perfect Love that cast out all your fears,
And quickened you with love’s own sway and swing,
As light and lovely as the news you bring.

Malcolm Guite

Mary Magdalene a sonnet Malcolm’s blog.

Celebrating the magic of the Moon

Moon subject, Moon filter 2019


Self-portrait 2010 Reflecting the planets : the moon

Abi Cochran @ Silverspirals

Or meet the artist and her work at her Open Studio in Cambridge on 20th and 21st July 2019

Exhibition 2019 aux JARTdins de Montagny

Cambridge Rose

Californian Poppy

Les jARTdins de Montagny 2017

oeuvres de Pascal Catry (en haut à gauche) Christine Lemaire (en haut à droite) Dado (en bas à gauche) Dakkis (en bas au centre)

Tous les artistes ont reçu un téléphone avec lequel faire un travail. Voici ce que j’ai fait. L’exposition avait lieu le samedi et le dimanche de la Pentecôte.

“Entre l’Ascension et la Pentecôte les apôtres de Jésus attendent un signe, ce signe reçu le jour de la Pentecôte c’est l’Esprit Saint, une présence, une force, symbolisée par une langue de feu.
En grec, παράκλητος, Parakletos signifie « celui qu’on appelle à son secours » παρακαλώ voulant dire “demander” et aussi “s’il-te-plait”.
En hebrew le mot מְנַחֵם signifie “le consolateur”.

…Notre téléphone portable dont on attend une sonnerie, pour presque n’importe quel appel… c’est notre cri silencieux, un appel, une prière pour être moins seul.”

Telephone "De profundis"

Each artist was given a telephone to work with. Here is what I did. The exhibition was on Saturday and Pentecost Sunday.

Between the Ascension and Pentecost the apostles of Jesus are waiting for a sign, this sign received on the day of Pentecost is the Holy Spirit, a presence, a force, symbolized by a tongue of fire.
In Greek, παράκλητος, Parakletos means “the one we call for help” παρακαλώ meaning “to ask” and also “please”.
In Hebrew the word מְנַחֵם means “the comforter”.
… Our cell phone that we sometimes beg for a ringtone, for almost any call … is a silent scream, a prayer, in the words of R.S. Thomas : an interpreter of our loneliness.
“Where are the instruments
of your music, the pipe of hazel, the
bull’s horn, the interpreters
of your loneliness on this
ferocious planet?”
R.S. Thomas


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And hanging in the wood…

Chacun est invité à laisse une trace de son passage

Alain Jacomy et deux visiteurs dans le bois



Before the dawn

Notre-Dame de Rouen – Cathédrale de Lumière