I have no internet connection for my computer. It makes it difficult to post on the website. On the other hand moving house after a year without really unpacking makes so many familiar objects appear vividly. Some find a good place others don’t, irrespective of how much we like them or not quite so. Sometimes they seem to take a life of their own “I must live here” you almost hear them say.

A chaotic move next door

Moving next door


The size will be 21 cm x 21 cm with a photo and a page with the days of the month.
The calendar will be in English but with both English and French holidays

The price will be £25 (about 30 euros) + Postage. Free postage on orders over £50


Saffron Sushi


With Love from…

With Love from Holcombe Rogus



Un cadeau qui vient du cœur