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Teach them to fly

Teach these souls to fly

Le bain du Capitaine

Margot Krebs Neale aux jARTdins de Montagny-en-Vexin – Exposition 2017

Les 15èmes jARTdins de Montagny ont été pour moi l’occasion de très belles rencontres mais aussi bien sûr l’occasion de faire un travail personnel à exposer.

Comme ce travail m’a amenée à présenter 5 montages accompagnés de réflexions et de commentaires, je vais présenter l’ensemble sur cette page et vous pourrez cliquer sur chacune des photos si vous le souhaiter pour trouver une page plus complète consacrée soit au Passé, soit aux Chemins de Vie, soit au Désir, soit au Rêve soit enfin au Silence.

Le thème que je me suis donné d’abord en anglais :Being & Belonging est devenu au fil du travail Intégrité et Intégration

Le Passé

J’essaie de dire d’où je viens… chacun de nous est un puzzle.

Chemins de Vie

remettre en question les valeurs qui nous font vivre.

Le Désir

La question du désir

Le Mystère

«Ce n’est pas tout le monde qui peut photographier ses rêves»

Le Silence

Passé fait de silence, choix et désir habités de silence, rêves pays du silence pour finir essayer de photographier le silence

Les jARTdins de Montagny – Merci à tous

Deux journées pleines de très belles rencontres

Reading between the lines


April 1977 newspaper picked from under the carpets

Lunchbox with a Norwegian wink




Numbers, a song by Malcolm Guite


From the album Dancing through the fire
Cambridge Riffs Records

Numbers ©Malcolm Guite 2011

It took two loving bodies,
Bringing comfort through the night,
And two hearts beating faster
To bring Billy to the light,
Around a thousand kisses
Saw that baby on the way,
But it only took one finger
To blow it all away

It took a mother’s labour pains
It took a skillful midwife too,
Two grandmas knitting double-time
Those suits of baby blue,
It took years of love to raise him right
With room to grow and play
But it only took one second
To blow it all away

We cannot count the multitude
Who made us what we are
The many friends who formed us
And who carried us this far;
A hundred acts of kindness
That no one can repay
One finger, and one trigger
Can blow it all away

It took that teenage boy a while
To find his own two feet
So he took his best friend with him
On that sixteenth birthday treat
And the two boys took a shortcut
Down a darkened alleyway
And they walked into the crossfire
That took Billy’s life away

I don’t know how the gunman
Tells the story of that day
He was ‘taking care of business’
When some kid got in the way
We make it hard to grow up right
And hard to make things pay
But we sure make it easy
To blow everything away

It took forty-seven minutes
For the funeral to pass
Though it felt like we were crawling
Over miles of broken glass
And I saw it all in front of me
When I closed my eyes to pray:
The finger, and the trigger
And the life they took away

Malcolm Guite Vocals.Guitar.

Father’s Day