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Sweet and bitter

Calendar picture for 2018?


Black and White

Is it time or too late?

This year was hectic so I decided not to make a calendar but on turning the last page of the 2016 Calendar, I thought I would miss it so I sat down and worked hard.
Some friends were really pleased, they too, had thought they would miss it.

It may seem out of date to have a paper calendar but I remember many years ago missing an important appointment and the elderly and wise man I had let down telling me You have a calendar, you write in it and you put it where you take your meals.

Then of course it has to be beautiful!

Every house has its magic


Det gul koppen


Declare your fragility


I opened a box of eggs and found one with this beautiful feather:
white and a gentle russet colour.
I put it on the window sill in the kitchen
I took a picture of the egg and the feather trying to catch something of the lightness of the feather.
It was leaning against weights which live on the window sill and I thought the small jam jar was nice too.
Looking at the picture, I saw the juxtaposition of the very light and the heavy and thought of moods,
what weighs on the mind and the choice of lightness.
I tried to make the contrast more obvious.


The next day I read an article by Ian Brown in which he quotes Jean Vanier
"If you want to live in hope and not fear, you have to tell the truth and declare your fragility."
It is always difficult to find a title and easy to borrow someone else's words, so I did.

from Jean Vanier: What we have to do is find the places of hope.



February illness : Ibuprofen and coffee

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