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Thinking of Saamik and his family

Long life is a blessing, but even the longest lives are brief… maybe we overdo our concern for the length of our lives and give insufficient attention to the passion brought to whatever time was had.
The meaning and purpose of life are great mysteries, and in that light a very brief life, of only minutes, can be full and rounded. The soul has appeared in the flesh; then it returns to its home of origin.
A life has been lived.
Maybe we don’t achieve something grand and heroic in the days of our lives. Fame and achievement may not be our destiny. It may be sufficient to be here, to open our hearts, take in what is offered, make our contribution at whatever level is granted, and gracefully depart.

Thomas Moore


Deeply connected

Air borne


to Oliver

A Yvonne


1st day of Summer !

Truth’s star

Gentils coquelicots

J’ai descendu dans mon jardin
Pour y cueillir du romarin.

Gentil coqu’licot, Mesdames,
Gentil coqu’licot, nouveau !

Pour y cueillir du romarin
J’ n’en avais pas cueilli trois brins
Qu’un rossignol vint sur ma main
Il me dit trois mots en latin
Que les homm’s ne valent rien
Et les garçons encor bien moins !
Des dames, il ne me dit rien
Mais des d’moisell’ beaucoup de bien.