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11 Novembre


Le bain du Capitaine

Calendar picture for 2018?

London in May


Spring in an almost abandoned garden

Joyeuses Pâques !

Dia de Carnaval

Is it time or too late?

This year was hectic so I decided not to make a calendar but on turning the last page of the 2016 Calendar, I thought I would miss it so I sat down and worked hard.
Some friends were really pleased, they too, had thought they would miss it.

It may seem out of date to have a paper calendar but I remember many years ago missing an important appointment and the elderly and wise man I had let down telling me You have a calendar, you write in it and you put it where you take your meals.

Then of course it has to be beautiful!

All Hallows’ Eve

I am not a great fan of Halloween and the decorations that go with it, but this morning this one in the garden was too good to miss.