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2019 Calendar

The size will be 21 cm x 21 cm with a photo and a page with the days of the month.
The conventional 2019 calendar will be in English with both English and French holidays
OR I will also make some perpetual calendars where the dates will feature in the order of the 2019 weeks but there will be no writing of days or holidays and with an optional 29 February!

The price will be £20 (about 23 euros) + Postage. Free postage on orders over £50

To order a calendar click the button “add to cart” under the picture.
A shopping cart will appear at the bottom of the page when it refreshes. You can change the quantity if you want more than 1 and press enter: the shopping cart will adjust the price.

When you have finished click on “check out with PayPal”. You are then on a secure page. The order summary will open on the page where you can choose to pay with a PayPal account or with a debit/credit card.

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Mount Saint Bernard Abbey

Thinking of Saamik and his family

Long life is a blessing, but even the longest lives are brief… maybe we overdo our concern for the length of our lives and give insufficient attention to the passion brought to whatever time was had.
The meaning and purpose of life are great mysteries, and in that light a very brief life, of only minutes, can be full and rounded. The soul has appeared in the flesh; then it returns to its home of origin.
A life has been lived.
Maybe we don’t achieve something grand and heroic in the days of our lives. Fame and achievement may not be our destiny. It may be sufficient to be here, to open our hearts, take in what is offered, make our contribution at whatever level is granted, and gracefully depart.

Thomas Moore

to Oliver


1st day of Summer !

We celebrate spring’s returning – Leunig


Dear God,

We celebrate spring’s returning and the rejuvenation of the natural world.
Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence that goodness shall return,
that warmth and life shall succeed.
Help us to understand our place in this miracle.
Let us see that as a bird now builds its nest, bravely,
with bits and piece, so we must build human faith.
It is our simple duty;
it is the highest art;
it is our natural and vital role within the miracle of spring;
the creation of faith.


Michael Leunig When I Talk to You: A Cartoonist Talks to God

Sur le pressoir, Margot ma jolie

Sur le pressoir

Sous les étoiles de septembre
Notre cour a l’air d’une chambre
Et le pressoir d’un lit ancien ;
Grisé par l’odeur des vendanges
Je suis pris d’un désir étrange
Né du souvenir des païens.

Couchons ce soir
Tous les deux, sur le pressoir !
Dis, faisons cette folie ?…
Couchons ce soir
Tous les deux sur le pressoir,
Margot, Margot, ma jolie !

Parmi les grappes qui s’étalent
Comme une jonchée de pétales,
Ô ma bacchante ! roulons-nous.
J’aurai l’étreinte rude et franche
Et les tressauts de ta chair blanche
Ecraseront les raisins doux.

Sous les baisers et les morsures,
Nos bouches et les grappes mûres
Mêleront leur sang généreux ;
Et le vin nouveau de l’Automne
Ruissellera jusqu’en la tonne,
D’autant plus qu’on s’aimera mieux !

Au petit jour, dans la cour close,
Nous boirons la part de vin rose
Oeuvrée de nuit par notre amour ;
Et, dans ce cas, tu peux m’en croire,
Nous aurons pleine tonne à boire
Lorsque viendra le petit jour.

Gaston COUTÉ (1880-1911)

Jardin sous la neige

Teach them to fly